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Hello there! My name is Benjamin Despres and welcome to my website! At the beginning of this semester of Web Development at my college Anderson University, I never thought that I would be able to get the hang of html considering how I have been very poor at coding in the past. Thankfully, I had an awesome teacher named Dr. Meeker who helped me every step of the way to building my portfolio site. This site contains a large amount of topics that I have grown a fond interest too over the years whether it be a concept that racks my brain to this day, a hobby that I have picked up in my free time, or even my creative job here at Anderson University. One thing is for certain, this site certainly displays Benjamin Despres as a person along with showcasing what makes him tick. Feel free to take a look around and check out all of the various concepts and pieces of content I have created here.

I fondly remember back in 8th grade when I uploaded my first video up to YouTupe. It was a wildy moment because I was in the mindset that getting famous on YouTube was a wock skip away and all I had to do was post a couple of Minecraft videos and call it a day. Thankfully that's not how it worked out because if those first couple of videos that I posted got any traction I would never be able to live down how incredibly awful they were. Thankfully, I haven't lost the bite of the YouTube bug just yet because to this day I am still uploading content and getting better and better with each video being thrown up there. The primary type of content I create extended review videos sharing my thoughts on various pieces of media, but I have also branched out into formats such as comedy videos, video essays, and even animation. Check the link below for more details.

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When I was about 13 or 14 I remember fondly getting my hands on the 2011 released hit video game labeled Portal 2. The game featured all sorts of qualities to it including complex puzzles a dense atmosphere, and writing to make you belly laugh every step of the way. All of these qualities to the game were so expertly crafted, and so coordinated in a way that I had never laid my prepubescent little eyes on before. I fell in love instantly and replayed the game over and over again just to drill for every last drop of experience I could get out of it. Not only that but Portal 2 marked a point in my life where I began to look at media consumption in a different light. I began to realize that I had been accepting mediocrity and I wanted to change that So after that point I would try to examine every nook and cranny of the media that I consumed just to understand my opinion on it's quality even deeper than I could;ve pre-portal2. Check the link down below for more of my thoughts on media critique.

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