Welcome to the Critique Page!

In many instances, people have come up and asked me, "Why are you so critical whenever you watch a movie?" Most times it's asked with some sort of condemnation to the methods in which I like to enjoy and criticize film. And to this inquiry I usually like to respond with "Because I don't like to just lay down an accept whatever as entertainment." I personally prefer to dive a little deeper into whatever I am watching as this can help me to apprecaite the pieces of film that I enjoy even more. However, attempting to watch movies with a bit more of a critical lense certainly leads to some popular pieces of pop culture actually ending up as poor pieces of art in my perception. Although, this definitely can lead to me having some very interesting conversations with people who enjoy that film much more than me. Whether it's to help me enjoy a film more, weed out the garbage, or even to just make me a better conversation on the topic of movies; I will always enjoy watching films and experiencing media with an eye for the finer details.

Another unfortunate circumstance that seems to crop up a decent amount of the time while I conversate about media is the false perception that I hold my opinion in a high regard of some sort. This is most certainly not the case in most circumstances, but I can see how it could be miscommunicated in some regards. I certainly try to be someone who is confident in my own opinion, but not to the extent where I become prideful about it. I think back to the scene in Ratatouille where the snobby food critic writes his review for the restaurant at the end of the movie. He begins to contemplate the existence of criticism and it's relation to the art that is being criticized. He throws out statements remarking how the criticism of a piece of art could most definitely not have nearly as much value as the art itself. Personally, I feel as though art is completely subjective so it's really a case by case basis. I believe a video created by some YouTuber bashing The Emoji Movie can most certainly have more intrinsic value than the movie itself.