Welcome to the Camera Shots Page!

At the very start of my freshman year at Anderson University, I remember recieving an email from the school going out to all comm majors asking for workers to join the media team. I was hesitant at first obviously; everything is new and scary when you first roll up to college so the last thing I needed was to get way in over my head with commitments thankfully I pondered and prayed over it for a few days and finally came to the conclusion that it would be a great opertunity. And man oh man was I correct in that assertion. Being a part of this team has helped me grow in media production tenfold. I managed to practice talents such as live broadcast directing, camera operation, even various non-live skills such as video editing and sound design. Below are some of the shots that I have collected over the years. All of these were captured in a live setting with a roaming style of camera. I hope you like them!